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An FTP client and Compression Software are needed to upload to our site. If you do not already have the necessary applications, we have provided downloading links to several applications that are either freeware or shareware as indicated. For more detailed instructions, see our uploading instructions.

File Compression Software - All files that are uploaded (with the exception of PDF smaller than 3 Mb) should be compressed first. This not only allows the file to upload faster but prevents them from being corrupted. Files, links and fonts should be compressed into one archive.

FTP Client - FTP clients are programs that allow you to upload to our FTP site. Each program has its own slight variations on how to use it, but we have provided instructions for the following programs in our upload instructions.

  • Fetch - for the Macintosh - Shareware
  • FreeFTP - for the PC - Freeware
Contact us by phone or email to finalize arrangements for your job. Please don't upload your file until you contact us so we know what your file is and don't accidently erase it. Also, it will allow us to provide any last minute instructions if needed.

Prepare your file for transfer. Save your file in an acceptable format. If your file is NOT a PDF then be certain to include all your linked images and fonts. Truetype fonts have one part, Type 1 fonts have two parts (screen and printer on the Mac, pfb and pfm on the PC). Be sure to include both parts or we can't output your file! Fonts are usually in the font folder of your system folder.

Place all of these items in a folder with your name or the name of your company and the date, for example, "TumPrinting3_3_03".

Compress your files using a compression program like MacZip or Stuffit. We have provided a list of links that show you have to obtain one of these programs. It is important to compress your files. First of all it will transfer faster; but more importantly it will help prevent your files and fonts from corrupting in the process. Make sure your compressed file reflects the folder name (eg. TumPrinting3_3_03.sit).

Open your FTP program. We have listed links to several programs if you don't already have one. The examples below are from FETCH, the program we recommend for the Macintosh.

Enter following:

Host: ftp.tumwaterprinting.com
User ID: tpcustomer
Password: guest##1

Then press "OK."

Note: If you would like to make this a shortcut which can be chosen from the pulldown menu, select "Customize >> New Shortcut" from the top menu and enter the above information. Then you can log on quickly without re-entering the information by clicking on the shortcut list triangle.

A new connection will be created to our FTP site. Once open, you may send the files by 1) dragging the icon into the window, 2) clicking "Put" and selecting the files one at a time, OR 3) selecting "Remote >> Put Folders and Files..." from the top menu and selecting all the files at once. Any of the three methods will work, use whichever you find easiest to use.

If you are asked how to send the file, files can be sent by "automatic" or if that isn't a choice, text files should be sent as "text" and other files as "raw data."

If your upload fails or you get cut off before the upload is complete, simply rename your file by adding a number at the front of it and resending it. For example, "tumprint3_3_03.sit" should be resent as "2tumprint3_3_03.sit" then "3tumprint3_3_03.sit". This way we will immediately know which is the latest file to use.

Once uploaded you may quit Fetch at any time. Please call us or email us () once it is uploaded to let us know that it is there and to confirm that we've received it.
PC / WINDOWS Click here for PC / WINDOWS instructions.

7675 New Market St. SW Tumwater, WA 98501 (360) 943-2204