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For complete instructions on how to upload a file to our FTP site, select the appropriate operating system below.



Tumwater Printing accepts a number of file types for the PC and Mac. Please check that you have saved your file in a type listed below. If you have used Quark or Freehand, please save your files as EPS or PDF files (see instructions in the next section below).
Native Files - Files that can be saved as is in their native application.
  • InDesign - InDesign CS5 (include fonts & links)
  • Pagemaker - MAC v.7 or older or PC v.7 or older
  • Illustrator - Illustrator CS5 (include fonts or outline text)
  • Publisher - PC
  • Photoshop - Photoshop files can be used for one color or CMYK jobs and should be collapsed and saved as tiff files. If you intent to use a photoshop file for multiple spot colors, please call first for instructions on setting that up.
  • Word * - MAC or PC (see note below)
* NOTE: Word can be used in many circumstances but may occasionally have unpredictable results. Be aware that providing Word files may result in output delays in some instances and may show slight color shifts in full color print jobs. Text may shift or 'drop out' in other instances. Creating a PDF from Word is always preferable, and the customer is ultimately responsible for carefully reviewing all proofs for outputting variations.
PDF Format - PDF's are a very consistent and easy to use format that can be created from virtually any original application. They do require that the customer has set the file up correctly, however, so send a native file if you think you may require significant changes or color corrections. If you are familiar with setting up files for print, PDF's are our recommended format.
  • PDF - To set up a PDF, we recommend that you print to a file (see your specific application's manual for instruction on doing this) using the Acrobat Distiller PPD. Include any printer's marks and 1/8" (.125") bleeds if needed. Files may be saved as separations or composite, but we prefer composite PDF's. NOTE: You should have already printed separations from the original application to your laser printer to check that your colors will separate correctly to their proper spot colors. Do not be concerned with line screen (lpi) or screen angles as we will set these later. Once you have a print file, distill the file using Acrobat Distiller using the "Press" job options settings. Please review your PDF using Acrobat or Acrobat reader prior to sending.

Universal Formats - Formats that can be opened in applications other than those which the file was created. These formats are less structured so may review some problems in outputting. Please call to clarify if you have any concerns.
  • EPS - .eps files can be created from programs like Quark, Illustrator, Freehand, Corel, etc.
  • JPG, TIFF, BMP - These bitmap files are acceptable for some artwork, but cannot be used for files that need to be separated to spot colors. Files should be a minimum of 300 dpi for photos and color art or 1200 dpi for text and black & white art.

Click here for instructions on uploading a file to our FTP site: MACINTOSH - PC / WINDOWS

An FTP client and Compression Software are needed to upload to our site. If you do not already have the necessary applications, we have provided downloading links to several applications that are either freeware or shareware as indicated. For more detailed instructions, see our uploading instructions.

File Compression Software - All files that are uploaded (with the exception of PDF smaller than 3 Mb) should be compressed first. This not only allows the file to upload faster but prevents them from being corrupted. Files, links and fonts should be compressed into one archive.

FTP Client - FTP clients are programs that allow you to upload to our FTP site. Each program has its own slight variations on how to use it, but we have provided instructions for the following programs in our upload instructions.

  • Fetch - for the Macintosh - Shareware
  • FreeFTP - for the PC - Freeware

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